2022 - First day back in the barn...

It’s 2022 and I am back in the barn today for the first time, with today being our young Miss’s first day of primary school for the year.

I'll admit I was somewhat anxious about starting up again, but after having got the first job finished it feels good to have my life out here in my creative space back.  My life needs structure and creativity for me to function.

I did a lot of thinking over the last few months on where I want to take HWCS and indeed if I wanted to continue with it at all. Extremely cheap laser cutting machines from China have flooded the market with so many “cute” items that can be personalised being made available from what seems like every other person, and rather than chasing my tail, trying to keep with the latest trends I have decided to focus my mind, hands and my machine with my passions which I believe I excel at and truly love producing.

I believe HWCS are industry leaders in Australia, creating unique personalised designs and creating boards that are engraved to a very high level of standard which only a quality laser machine can do.  And what we produce is meant to last a lifetime and beyond.

Designing for these unique gifts is something I love.  By working with clients to create designs that are true to the person who is receiving them. 

This was our “flagship” product that got me back into business.  I have written a Blog Post of the story of how it eventuated – I call it a “Creators Fairy Tale”. 

As a result, I have clients coming back year after year to add to their collection and gift them to others especially as I have expanded the range of different types to include Lost Loved Ones and Pets etc.

­­I will always be creating a number of other items and have them on an “available stock” only basis.  For items that have been purchased that require additional pieces like “Birthday Board” discs, I am always happy to create them also.  Just contact me to set it up.

I will continue to “play” with resin and have these items offered for sale also.

As far as being contacted and sent an image of a product and asked “Can I create one of these” – my answer will mostly be no.

Reasons : Someone else has put time and effort into creating the original product, and for me to copy it is disrespectful to them as a creator and to me also.

Whilst influence by what I see from other designers can be helpful, consciously or subconsciously, in creating some designs - blatant copying and reproducing is a no go for HWCS.

Please feel free to contact me via FB messenger, phone or email.

Yours creatively
Kathy Smith

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  • Liz on

    Great to hear that there is a spring in your step for more creativity, exploration and artistic discoveries. Looking forward to witnessing 🙃🙃

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