Dandelion Jewel (1)
Dandelion Jewel (1)
Dandelion Jewel (1)

Dandelion Jewel (1)

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Dandelions mean to many different things to different people.  This dandelion has been suspended in a clear resin crystal jewel shape.  There are a few bubbles which I think adds to the character of it.

Approx 60mm tall and 60mm approx across at widest point.

Please note colours may differ with viewing on different screens.  The base has been sanded to create a contrasting effect.

There are always what may be considered by some small imperfections usually in the form of bubble or bubbles.  To most they are embraced to be part of the beauty.

With flowers in resin, eventhough they are dried in silica sand, they may fade over substantial time in the years to come and should not be kept in direct sunlight to delay this effect.

Each piece cannot be replicated exactly and are individually made by Kathy.

Only ONE available as per the image.  No preorders taken due to the unique results of each.

Postage should be $8.95 during checkout.  If you are charged more I will contact you and reimburse the difference.

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