Spin the Chores Mandala Lazy Susan

Spin the Chores Mandala Lazy Susan

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A bit of fun or a helpful decision maker?

40cm Acacia Lazy Susan Board with a beautiful mandala design along with the tasks : Clear the table, Wash the dishes, Dry the dishes, Sweep the floor, Kiss the Cook.

During or after the meal, spin the board and let it decide who does what...


It is best not to cut with a sharp knife or with any great force on the engraved side to keep it looking nice.  Always use back side for cutting if needed.

To keep it looking great, hand wash and use a soft bristled brush if needed to remove any remaining food scraps.  Allow to air dry thoroughly before reusing.

To retain the rich wood colouring, apply a mineral based or food grade oil.  I personally love the board oil you can buy from IKEA in the kitchen section near the boards.

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