Harris Wood Creative Studio, formerly known as My Creative Stuff continues on as it has for the last few years and is solely owned and operated by Kathy Smith in Bayles, Victoria.

Why the change of name? I felt MCS was more indicative of my creative things from a hobby perspective and wanted a name that would stand the test of time as a true business.

I chose "Harris Wood" because I wanted to acknowledge and give thanks to my mum who always had creativity in her life through an assortment of crafts and later art. She was an incredibly talented artist late in life with pen & ink, oils, water colour and pastels. She was also a talented musican and taught many young and not so young the keyboard - this was passed onto her by her mum who was as a concert pianist in England.

All through my childhood, she supported & encouraged me to follow her path with creative hobbies. I remember using & creating with resin in my late primary years when we lived in Sunshine and I also remember Holly Hobby creations to name a two.

Harris Wood was the name of their property in Trentham which when they bought, it was a 5 acre piece of farm land alongside the Bunyip State Forest. Mum loved this property to her dying day and she always wished she could go back in her years whilst in care. She created a magnificent park like garden which we all loved and truly didn't appreciate it until we looked back at photos and saw what she had created.

The name Harris Wood is derived from 2 surnames. Harris being her mother's maiden name and Wood being half of my maiden name Curwood.

I will continue to provide gift and homewares that have meaning and purpose for you and take pleasure in creating unique and super personal items.

Creative Regards

Kathy Smith