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Pet Loss jewellery can be created for you to help you after you lose a beloved pet.  All our jewellery range in the Memorial Jewellery range is suitable but here we have animal specific jewellery for you to browse.



If you would prefer to talk to Kathy in person, appointments are available to meet in her Client Room in her home at Bayles.  Alternatively, you can arrange a ZOOM video call, phone call (0414687407) or simply chat through the Facebook page.  In person appointments are generally made for Mondays & Tuesdays but if this doesn't suit please discuss it with Kathy.
All the jewellery in our LOVED ONES MEMORIAL JEWELLERY is also suitable for PET LOSS MEMORIAL JEWELLERY but here we have separated Pet Memorial Jewellery pieces that are specific to animals.

Cremation Ashes
Your Vet or Pet Crematorium can arrange to separate just a little of the ashes before handing them over to you - please let them know if this is what you'd like.  I can provide small containers to you or to the Vet or Crematorium if planned in advance.

Amount of Ashes
We only require 1/4 of a teaspoon at most for 1-2 pieces of jewellery.  You can drop it off at Bayles, send it via Tracked Postage or order a sending kit so you can receive a container to send them back in.  Please make sure you put your name and order number on anything that is dropped off or delivered. More information on Cremation Ashes and sending them can be found here.

Doing it Yourself
You may find it an emotional experience to seperate some ashes if you are doing it yourself.  If this is what you choose to do, maybe consider lighting a candle or put on some favourite music.  Put a clean sheet on the table or wherever you choose to do it, in case any is spilt as it will make it easier to collect to return to the container. 
Never underestimate the effect this process may have on you.  Ask someone to be there with you for emotional support.  Please talk to Kathy if you need with this or have any questions.  
Animal Fur
Include the fur in a separate bag or container and label it with a permanent marker with your name & order number. DO NOT GIVE US ALL YOU HAVE.
Getting the inclusions to us
You can drop it off at Bayles to the DROP BOX (message for address after ordering) or post it to us.  Please secure the ashes and/or other inclusions in a container or ziplock bag and write your name & order number on all containers and bags.  Double bag to be safe.
Please ensure you use TRACKED MAIL if using Australia Post. 

Make sure you don't send or drop off all you have - I can work with as little as a few grains of ashes if needed.  It is super important to keep some of your inclusions with you in case something happens to what you send.

Mail to:
PO Box 2

You can customise your piece however you like.  In the ordering process on our website, you will be given many options that you can include.  We can't provide sample photos of each & every item offered in completed jewellery before ordering (we are working on a gallery of examples) but have a large range of ideas throughout the website.  We will make a sample or two for you to approve which we will send to by photo.

You can also put in the COMMENTS section how you'd like it to look.  

Feel free to discuss and ask as many questions as you like to Kathy.