I've compiled a list of different ideas you can use to commemerate other than using Cremation Ashes.  I currently don't offer all these services but engraving is hopefully going to be available by early 2024.

Lock of Hair or Fur Jewellery

Locks of hair and fur jewellery are very popular memorial jewellery ideas, if you don't have any ashes. Resin is the best medium for hair it doesn’t burn away the hair like other methods of preserving. You can also have hair in a locket along with your loved one’s photo.

Text Engraving (coming to our offerings in 2024)

Engraved jewellery is a lovely alternative to something containing your family member’s ashes. The most popular things for engraving are: date of birth and date of passing, names, phrases like “Forever In My Heart”, “Always With Me”, “Over The Rainbow Bridge” and “In Loving Memory”. Text can be engraved onto most jewellery pieces. You can choose any number of numbers, letters and emoji to be engraved onto silver or gold. You canalso choose dates, a special phrase, Roman numerals, geographic coordinates as other ideas.

Dried Flowers and Petals
Some people choose to save a few flowers from a funeral or collected from their grave, which can be dried and sent in to be embedded in resin or put in a photo frame.  You can send us a couple of dried petals which can be used in jewellery.
We do not offer to preserved whole flowers in resin.

Handwriting (COMING in 2024)
Handwriting can be engraved into metals like solid silver and gold.

Photos  (currently not available at HWCS)
A photo can be engraved, embedded in resin, or placed behind glass in a locket

Handprints, paw prints and fingerprints  (currently not available at HWCS)
You can have your loved one or pet’s prints to be engraved into precious metal jewellery or onto wood or acrylic.  

Sand, Dirt/Earth or Shells
You can save dirt from someones grave or from a plant you planted as a memorial, from their home or favourite place or even sand or small shell from a special place.

You can send in fabric from their tie, wedding dress, blanket or collar for example and it can be placed within the resin stone. 

Alternatives to Cremation Ashes in Baby Memorial Jewellery

I have an Angel Baby policy where I like to offer free or cost only items to families who have lost pregnancy or baby.  Donations can be made to help make this possible.

Umbilical Cord and Placenta
Baby umbilical cords can be preserved, for families whose baby has passed.

Pregnancy Test
In resin or a locket

Some families choose to save blood from an early miscarriage and dry it on a saucer. Sometimes the blood from a baby muslin or wipe might be the only keepsake you have from your baby with their DNA. This dried blood can be added to resin 

Scan Photo (currently not available at HWCS)
A scan photo can be engraved, embedded in resin, or behind glass in a locket

Footprint (currently not available at HWCS)
Your baby’s foot or handprints are perfect for engraving and embedding in resin, you just need to take a clear photo of the print

Dates (currently not available at HWCS)
Dates of conception and birth, or date of birth and passing

IVF Memento Jewellery (currently not available at HWCS)
Tube cremation is done inside a tiny glass kiln