When purchasing jewellery containing cremation ashes, you have the option to select the desired degree of visibility for the ashes within the resin stone.

Outlined below are examples of visibility levels that can serve as a reference. However, it's important to keep in mind that the final outcome will be influenced by both the color and size of the ashes you provide.

Please be aware that the appearance of cremation ashes can differ in terms of color and size, which is often contingent upon the origin of where they were created. These ashes might range from fine and powdery to containing slightly larger, more substantial fragments. The color can similarly vary due to a variety of factors.

I can use large pieces for certain looks and if you agree to having them ground down a little I can do that too if needed.


MEDIUM visibility

HIGH visibility
LOW visibility 
LOW to MEDIUM visiblity 
MEDIUM visibility 
LOW visibility 
HIGH visibility


Applicable for both Adult and Pet ashes

cremation ashes quantity
A large pinch = ok. 1/4tsp = perfect! Whole tsp = too much
With babies you may not have very much so you can send just a tiny amount to ensure some is kept with you.
  • We promise to return any amount that is unused unless you would like us to create a little complimentary resin heart with remaining ashes rather than having ashes returned as is. You can even tell me a colour you'd like. <3
  • Quarter of a teaspoon/a large pinch is plenty for most pieces (half a teaspoon for a family order and we can always request more if necessary)
  • Please do not fill the container or it can spill when we open it
  • Ashes from two or more people and pets can be combined in a little pot or zip lock bag or seperately depending on your preference.  Please label each container/bag with names & order number. Please put these in another ziplock bag for safety.  ***Do not send all you have - we can work with just a few specs if necessary.
  • Tip: Sit in the middle of a made bed with a clean sheet on top so you can pick up any specks of ash that may fall & have a clean teaspoon.
  • Tip: If you find the task of separating a small amount of ashes from the main urn/container, you could always ask a friend or your local funeral home to do this for you after explaining that it is for a keepsake.  Provide them with the container you wish to use and a discreet envelope or box if you do not wish to see them.