Q:- How do I know which jewellery is suitable for Breastmilk Jewellery?
A:- Any of the items in our range of jewellery can be used.  Its up to you.

Q: How do I order Breastmilk Jewellery?
A:- Simply choose the jewellery you like and then choose *Breastmilk* as your type of inclusion.

Q:- What about the cost of making the stone?
A:- The prices shown includes the making of your preserved breastmilk and stone.

Q:- How do I let you know how I want the stone to look or how do I decide?
A:- there are lots of images on our FB & IG pages to look at and see if what you want is there.  There are also some images with a lot of the jewellery options on the website.  If you see something you like you can send us a screen shot or if you know, simply add the ideas in the comments section when ordering.  Also chat with Kathy on Messenger is another option to discuss ideas.

Q:-How long will it take?
A:- It will vary with how busy we are at any time but it is best to allow a minimum of 8 weeks.  If we do not stock your chosen jewellery e.g. your ring size, we will need to import it on our next stock ordering round which usually happens roughly every 2-3 weeks.

Q:- Can I visit you to talk about what i want and look at different jewellery?
A:- Yes you can book a time on the booking app via our website to come and visit Kathy in the Client Room in her home in Bayles.  Please note - we don't have the full range available to show you but if you tell us in advance what items you are interested in we can try to ensure we have them to show you.
You can also arrange a time to do a ZOOM chat or just a phone call if you prefer.

Q:- I want a ring but don't know my size?
A:- You can ask a jeweller to measure your ring size by letting them know its for breastmilk jewellery.  Most are happy to do that. 
Alternatively you can come to Bayles if local to get measured or request a ring sizer be sent to you for a fee which will be refunded when returned.

Q:- I live not too far from Bayles - can I drop my milk off?
A:- Yes you can.  You can message Kathy for the address and there is a drop box on the front verandah.  Once you pop it in the box, simply message Kathy to let her know its there.  Check in with Kathy before you do to make sure there is someone to grab it out and put it in the freezer. 

Q:- What if I don't live close enough to drop off my milk?
A:- You can safely post your milk in a sealed Breastmilk Freezing Sachet.  Make sure it is double bagged and send it in a bubble wrapped lined postage bag. Make sure your bags are labelled with your name and order number to ensure there is no mix up when received.

 Tracked mail is always best so you can make sure it arrives.
Mail to:
PO Box 2

Q:- Does it need to be sent fresh or frozen?
A:- Either is good - we will refreeze it when it arrives until we are ready to proceed on your order.

Q:- How much do you need?
A:- Technically I only need 5mls, but ask for a minimum of 10mls to allow for any problems.  If you have more in a bag or container you can send that as long as you don't want any milk not used back. Fresh or frozen can be sent but see how to package it above.

Q:- I've had milk for a few years in the freezer - is that still okay?
A:- Yes.  It can be frozen for as much as 20 years or more and it is generally still viable.  As long as there is no mold or yukkies it is still good to use for this purpose.

Q:- Can I have any left over preserved breastmilk?
A:- No, but we keep it in our workshop for a number of years in case you would like something else made.  We try to keep 5mls of liquid in our freezer and if there is any dried breastmilk left after making your jewellery we keep that for any future use you may need from us.  Everything is labelled with your name and order number.


The placenta MUST ALREADY BE encapsulated and the Cord MUST BE DRIED OUT before sending - and we only need an amount the size of an orange seed.
  You can request a sending kit sent to you for the cost of postage to you or you can do it yourself using quality ziplock bags or small sealed containers. 

You only need to send a little depending on how visible you'd like it.  Try and tie a lock with cotton string and put in a seperate bag with your name and order number on it.
We can customise your piece however you like.  In the ordering process on our website, you will be given options or you can tell us in the comments section in the ordering page.  Feel free to chat with Kathy about your stone.
If you like the classic white Breastmilk look - don't add anything.  If you'd like a little sparkle we'd suggest you add Crushed Synthetic Opal or request a pearlescent effect in various colours. A little pearlescence powder will make it look beautifully creamy in appearance.