Ways to Measure RING SIZE

I know how it feels when you decide you want to order a ring and you realise you don't know your ring size but you want to order NOW!  Well, rest assured you can place an order and simply choose "will advise" as your ring size.  Don't forget that heat may make your fingers swell so don't do it when you are hot. 

Then these are the options.  Don't forget that heat may make your fingers swell so don't do it when you are hot. 

Visit a local jeweller and ask them if you could please measure your ring size as you are getting a special memorial ring created.  You could give them more information with regard to what inclusion you are using to encourage them to be helpful.

You can request I send you a ring sizer so you can size it in the comfort of your home.  I charge $8 for these to be sent to you and when it gets returned I refund this amount to you.  The fee is to cover the cost for replacement in case it is not returned.

Ring Sizers


Find a ring that fits comfortably on the finger you intend to wear your new ring on.

Measure the internal diameter of the ring, using a ruler or measuring tape. To do so, ensure you are using a ruler with millimeter (mm) measurements, then place your ring on top of the ruler and measure the inside of the circle – in other words, the part that is in contact with your finger.

Ways to size your ring

You can then apply the measurement to the chart below using the measurement in the 2nd column from the left, and go across to the UNITED KINGDOM size column. 

**My amazing UK supplier is an all-inclusive silver smith and if you need a size not listed or half sizes they are more than happy to create one for you.


If you have any further questions, please message me.

Kathy x

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