Baby Cremation Ashes


When having your precious baby cremated you will be given the option to include some items with your baby such as clothes, stuffed animals and photographs.

Some families like to put some ash in when planting a rose, some people choose ash teddy bears, some choose beautiful urns or make them themselves and some people put the ashes somewhere safe. How you choose to keep them is as unique as your baby is.

If you’d like to keep some for a memento to be created by me, you can ask the crematorium to separate some out or you can do it yourself any time afterwards.

I personally understand the difficulty in handling a childs Ashes so am here to support you if you need it and offer suggestions on ways to make the process
easier. If you are local to me I am happy to help you in person. I only need at most, half a teaspoon which is more than enough for a family order of several
pieces. I’ve worked with just seven grains of cremation ashes and find that less is sometimes more.

The resin will magnify the ash. Some companies ask for several tablespoons full which is not necessary, and some resin artists mix the ash into resin before pouring but I pour the resin into the mould first and then add ashes as necessary so there is no excess resin unused and wasted which contain ashes.

Please note: If you are someone or know someone who has experienced this terrible loss including young children, and needs some support financially to receive a keepsake, please do not hesitate to contact Kathy to discuss as she will always help where she can. 


Another item I have previously made is a Resin Egg
with a little stillborn baby's ashes.  If this is something
that you would like to find out more about
contact (click here) Kathy or they can be 
ordered here.