Thinking about Breastmilk Jewellery?

Hello 👋. This a general info regarding Breastmilk Rings & jewellery. It just saves me a little time rather than trying to type it all out to each enquiry.  I am happy to chat any time I’m available, either by message or on the phone (0414687407)💕 I will work with every client personally to create you your perfect piece of jewellery.

BREASTMILK - I only need 5mls in reality which will make an abundance of milk powder. If you send me more I store it in my workshop freezer for at least a year in case you need more made. Your milk can have been in your freezer for years (decades actually!) or it can be fresh. It is best to post it frozen in case of delays and then I refreeze when it arrives. If you are local to Bayles it can be dropped off fresh or frozen. I have a drop off box available.

RING SIZES: If you don’t know your ring size there are a few options that you can read about here.

JEWELLERY RANGE: My rings are all available on my website and I have Solid Silver, Gold Filled and Solid Gold options as well as unisex channel rings.

You can see them here.

Pendants are also available

If you have any questions please ask as many as you like. If you’d like to talk to me on the phone please don’t hesitate to call me on 0414687407. If I’m not available please leave a message and I’ll call you back. I don’t have staff - so you’ll always get to talk to me.

Kathy x

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