Collecting & preparing your baby’s Placenta and/or Umbilical Cord

Collecting Placenta and Umbilical Cord


Firstly, if you are pregnant and your baby is poorly or will be born sleeping, it is unlikely that the hospital will allow you to keep the whole placenta. You can usually ask to keep a walnut sized amount of placenta and/or a small 2-3cm piece of umbilical cord for jewellery. You can take an ice block and insulated bag with you if possible (planned delivery), to put the cord in and give it to a loved one to take home that/the next day.

They may need to check the entire placenta first but ask them not to use chemicals on the piece you are keeping. You must promise not to consume this (such as a placenta smoothie) as this is not recommended if your baby has been poorly.

It can be left at room temperature but too long and it might not be pleasant to dry or work with. Please ask a midwife to help and perhaps show them this page so they can help preserve a piece. If you’re about to or have just delivered you’re welcome to call me, Kathy 0414687407

Do not allow the piece to have any chemicals on it please, as we are unable to work with pieces that have been in formaldehyde etc.

Instructions for drying umbilical cord

1. Defrost the cord somewhere safe away from pets, perhaps in a little bowl on a high shelf
2. Put your oven on the lowest setting it will go, perhaps 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave the door open a little bit so it’s not too hot (if it opens down you can prop it open with a wooden spoon)
3. Rinse your baby’s cord and pat it dry and cut it into pieces if you like. Then put it on some baking parchment on a shelf in the oven and leave to dry for 4 to 8 hours. It will still be a little bendy because of the Wharton’s jelly inside it but it will be very light and dry.
4. Keep half in a safe place and send the other half in the kit, which will arrive a week or so after you order. Follow the rest of the Sending Elements instructions when you have your order number so we can make your keepsake.

If you aren’t able to get the cord to a freezer then you can pack it in salt or cover it completely in alcohol. A small bottle of vodka would work, although this could post a fire risk when dehydrating. Please don’t use any chemicals on it because it could be hazardous when drying the piece.