CZ 9K Solid Gold Heart Pendant *

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Solid 9ct Solid Gold in Yellow, White or Rose Gold   
Chain NOT included

Dimensions of pendant only at the widest points:
H 14mm x W 12mm x D 5mm

Bezel dimensions at the widest points:
H 8mm x W 10mm x D 1

Bail dimensions at the widest points:
Outside H 7mm x W 5mm
Inside H 5mm x W 3mm


As this ring features Cubic Zirconia stones, you must read the page found at the following link HERE before ordering.  When you order, it will be assumed you have read it.

It will be presented in an attractive box with silver polishing cloth and care instructions for both the metal and resin  

Turnaround is a minimum of 12 weeks from receipt of your inclusions unless we have stock. 

These are available on a MADE TO ORDER basis only with our supplier and you need to be able to allow 12 weeks minimum for turnaround - 4 weeks of that time is required for hallmarking at the Edinburgh Assay Office in London.

The gold is of the highest standard and is fully Hallmarked and approved by Edinburgh Assay Office insuring you quality. It is a legal requirement to have gold items over 1g Hallmarked in England.



CZ 9K Solid Gold Heart Pendant *

More Information


You can organise to drop off or post your elements. I suggest for peace of mind to choose a tracked option for postage. DO NOT SEND ALL YOUR ELEMENTS in case something does happen to those that were sent or dropped off.

  • Ashes - 1/4 teaspoon for up to 2 rings DO NOT SEND ALL YOU HAVE.
  • Breastmilk - send a sachet or 10ml. It can be frozen and even though it may arrive defrosted, it is okay for us to freeze again. It doesn't matter how long it has been in your freezer even if it is years, it is still usable. It can be safely posted or dropped at to Bayles.
  • Hair - just a small amount. Make sure you send only a little and keep at least half behind of what you have. I can work with a very small amount.
  • Other elements - discuss with Kathy.

You can choose to drop off your elements to Kathy at Bayles if you wish. Chat with Kathy about the details.

If you wish to send in your elements, please ensure everything is double ZIPLOCKED bagged and your name and order number is included on bags.


Your order status will be updated to 'Elements Received' - check this online.


Full respect and care is given to each and every order to ensure there are no mixups of inclusions. Everything you are sent will include your order number on it so you can rest assured there'll be no mixups.

Any leftover inclusions such as ashes and hair will be returned along with any sample items created for preference choosing. These can be used in other items at the time if you choose.

If sufficient is supplied, 5mls of your milk will be stored in our freezer and remaining preserved milk powder will be kept in case it is needed again in the future. Excess liquid breastmilk is not returned.

Kathy Is trained in Reiki level 2 and whilst she's not a practitioner of Reiki, the basic knowledge of placing positive healing energy into her work is important to her and all work is completed in an intuitive manner.

If possible please send a photo online or with inclusions, of the relevant people for Kathy to focus on whilst creating your jewellery.


You will receive instructions on how to care for your beautiful pieces we create for you. It is imperative you follow these instructions. These are not meant to be everyday wear items and should be removed before showering etc.

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