Can I wear this jewellery every day?

This is the most common question I get.

The unofficial answer is Yes, BUT ONLY if you are aware that the longevity of your precious metal jewellery piece along with the resin stone may not hold its new quality finish or even last as long as you would like it to.  (read more below)

The shine of the metal and the metal itself, particular any soldered parts may be affected by various things.   The resin, eventhough it is the most expensive & best quality I can get, is not 100% waterproof.  It cannot be allowed to be in water for long periods of times or regularly in water without risking some damage.

The official answer on this is unfortunately - No you should not wear these rings every day as we can't be responsible for damage that is a result of wearing them when you are advised not to.  We can however help to repair any damage or dullness if it is possible.  Just send us a photo and message of the jewellery.


1. Water -  Some water is perfectly fine and can cause no problems in your jewellery after years of exposure.  Repeated exposure over time to water can ruin gold, sterling silver and both real and artificial gemstones including Cubic Zirconias.  It really depends on what is in the water.  So the recommendation is to avoid getting your jewellery wet regularly - except when cleaning for brief periods.  

2. Hard Knocks, Work & Sport - try not to wear your CZ jewellery when it could be struck by anything.  Eventhough they are hard, they still have thin edges and points that can fracture if they are hit hard enough plus your precious metal likely won't come out without being affected also.  Examples include contact sports, sports with fast moving hard objects e.g. softball, hockey etc, plus if youre sweating alot thats another reason to not be wearing nice jewellery. Any employment that could create "hard knock" environments  e.g. line works, food preppers, health professionals, welders, construction, gardeners etc etc - anyone really that works with their hands should avoid wearing rings in these environments.

3. Harsh Chemicals/Ammonia/Bleach/Household Cleaners -These cause a chemical reaction that disintegrates the alloys in the jewellery over time.  Remove your rings when disinfecting your house.

4. Chlorine - Whether from cleaning bleach or in the swimming pool, chlorine can degrade gold jewellery to the point of disintegration. So keep your gold jewellery out of the pool and hot tub. **One hour in a pool or hottub can be the equivalent of a year or more of normal wear and tear on sterling silver, gold or palladium precious metal jewellery.  Platinum will be okay with chlorine but Cubic Zirconia stones can crack or discolor with too much exposure to chlorine, so take off your platinum jewellery also.

5. Salt Water - Exposure to salt can erode soldered joints on gold and platinum jewellery, such as the connection between the prongs and the band of your ring.  It is recommended to remove any precious metal jewellery prior to swimming in a salt water pool or the ocean.  Cold water will also cause your fingers to shrink and you could lose that special ring at the beach.  Recommended to always remove any precious metal jewellery prior to swimming.

6. Cosmetics - Hairspray, perfumes, sunblock, bug spray and certain lotions can contain chemicals that can often damage jewellery, especially white gold and platinum.  Necklace links and ring prongs are especially proned to getting gunked up with these things.  Even gentle bar soaps can leave a residue on your jewellery, blocking the light from entering your CZ and diminishing their brilliance.  Don't wear your jewellery when applying these substances to your hands or bodies.  Putting jewellery on after applying these materials will limit exposure to jewellery and any potential damage.

7. Sweat - Any jewellery can become less beautiful because of a build up of sweat combined with dust.  You're more likely to lose a ring or earrings at the gym or on the playing field than with almost any other activity.  So just take it off when you're playing sports, working outdoors or working out.

8. Gardening - Dirt and small rocks are abrasive to jewellery.  If not cleaning immediately they can become permanently damaged.  Organic material like leaves, grass and twigs can gunk up the hard to reach spots like between multi pronged accent settings and underneath a centre stone.  Beware of very scratchy gardening gloves also - don't assume that the rings will be safe under gloves.



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