With my work with this little business I have met some incredible people - all with their own story of why they are asking me to create for them. I love hearing their journey story as it gives me such a better understanding of how important it is not to judge anyone especially by their appearance. You never know what journey a person is on. 

Not too long ago I had the privilege to create some pet memorial jewellery for a reasonably local beautiful young woman. Due to a diary mix up I wasn’t home for a booking she made which I was embarrassed by as I had unknowingly double booked with a meeting with one of our granddaughters therapists.

On the phone I apologised profusely and explained where we were going and it was like water off a ducks back - she was so incredibly understanding without one ounce of annoyance at my mistake and I said I will arrange to come to her soon to collect the Ashes and go over her order. 

But unbeknownst to me it would have taken some planning for her to visit me too. I later met with a sweet, softly spoken Tayla and her mum at her home to collect her gorgeous Arlos ashes and to discuss the stones for simply elegant ring.

Arlo and his siblings mean the world to Tayla which I could tell simply from her messages.  We all know how powerful they can be for the human soul with their unconditional love. But the role of Arlo in Taylas life was so beautiful and so important in her personal journey I see now more than ever. 

I still had no idea of Taylas story when I visited her home because nothing was overly obvious to me with Tayla sitting at her kitchen table when her mum let me in. I was there to talk about Arlo and her ring she ordered. But I did have an intuitive feeling that there was a considerable story and just today that was validated when I stumbled on a link of a podcast she was interviewed in.

I want to share this podcast with you all because, as with the heading of this post, education is absolutely crucial to understanding especially for something that may not be visible and in Taylas case I now know something about a condition I had never heard of that can make her appear as a healthy young woman or can be 100% debilitating in as little as 5 minutes.

Her attitude to her life is incredible especially as before her diagnosis she had a dream with absolute passion to be a nurse and midwife and had actually completed 3 years of university to do this until she was forced by the symptoms to stop.  But as a true “light worker” she is now advocating for others with disabilities. 

Listen to the podcast here and be awed as much as my hubby and I were this morning. We used the free version of Spotify to listen.

Kathy x 

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