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Doing the tough stuff can be confronting even for people who deal with the special cremains and other items from people & pets that have passed like me.  I have from the get go handled the ashes from my mum and whilst I talk to her often and know she would fully support me in using her ashes for my work. The thing is she was ready to go.  She was in her 80s and was not able to enjoy life any longer.  She was an artist and couldn't create - I can totally relate to what that would feel like.  I miss her terribly but know she is everywhere around me and also she is with her beloved parents too.

When it comes to my interactions with clients, I've shared numerous heartfelt moments and also revelled in their unbridled joy upon receiving the items I've crafted for them. However, the experience of opening my son's Urn this week to gather some of his ashes for a special gift for his child was particularly challenging. Despite it being nearly six years since his passing, it hit me with a force that felt reminiscent of the very first time I laid eyes on those ashes. It's astonishing to think that this is what remains of his once towering 6-foot frame and his commanding voice, which he would use to express his feelings, whether it was love or anger. But most importantly, he possessed an abundance of love.

Throughout his life, he grappled with conditions that are now more easily diagnosed, beginning in his early years. Yet, through it all, he maintained a profound love for his family and his children. The question that lingers is: Where does that love go? Does it simply reside in the urn? What becomes of the emotions and essence of those who have passed on? Surely, it can't end there.

Fortunately, I wholeheartedly believe that the answer lies in the persistence of that love. Especially in the initial years following his passing, I encountered numerous experiences that convinced me that my cherished firstborn's journey was far from over. I've engaged with mediums who had no prior knowledge of him but conveyed messages in a manner that unmistakably emanated from him. I've had encounters that left me with no doubt that his presence was still very much with us. Even my husband, a typical Aussie country "bloke", can attest to these experiences, leading him to acknowledge that there is indeed something beyond what we've encountered.

I intend to share some of these remarkable experiences with you at a later time, but for now, I implore you to open your heart to the possibility. Allow the comfort of knowing that, even though we may not see or physically touch our loved ones, like holding their hands or embracing them, they are there. The more you open your heart and mind to this possibility, the more it paves the way for them to communicate with you.

Now, I find myself ready to embark on a deeply personal journey, creating something meaningful for myself using my son's ashes. It's a step I'm prepared to take with love in my heart. <3

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Zoe Nielsen

Oh Kathy 😢
Your words are just Beautiful.

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