A: Cremation Ash Jewellery is not for everyone but having said that I now know that how someone feels about using a small amount for a memorial keepsake can change over time.

There can be the feeling that separating the ashes feels disrespectful or just not right because it feels like you’re separating the person into bits and I totally understand that feeling.

Some family members may not agree with separating a small amount and it is important that all grieving family members be respected and in agreement before separating any is done. You don’t want to lose more family or relationships because of it.

Maybe your special person left you with instructions on what they wanted done with their ashes. That knowledge could give you the freedom & security to trust your own judgement.

But then I find many people need time to process and grieve before they want to do something, especially with loss that comes without warning and is totally unexpected.

This also applies to miscarriage and baby loss. Taking the time to grieve and integrate the loss within your life is so important, but being educated on the choices you have by professionals around you at the time to be able to choose to collect items like a little hair or umbilical cord for example along with the knowledge that you can have the choice for later is also very important.


Some of my clients have waited from very soon after to even 20 plus years before they feel they would like to have something made because before then it just didn’t feel the right time or maybe they didn’t know anyone who made items or knew of someone they felt they could trust enough. Maybe finances weren’t available earlier. There are many factors that come could come into the timing.

Some memorial artists can create high end items creating infused Morano Glass or infused Diamonds and beautiful genuine gem stones and some like myself who create with a more generally affordable but still high quality type of product. There are different type of memorial artists for different budgets.

I know personally, I have been able to create with my mums ashes who passed in 2018 immediately once I started doing Jewellery but haven’t yet with my son who passed a year earlier in 2017. One day I know I will wake up and say okay I am ready to create with his.

I know in the years to come I would like to give his children something made with a little but want to wait until they are adults and able to look after them as I would hate for them to experience losing them.

I think also with mum being in her 80s and the fact that you know you will eventually lose your parents plus the fact Mum was also a creative throughout her adult life along with being an amazing artist late in life, her support of my creativity would always be there and she would love the fact I have used a tiny amount in various pieces to share my work with you as well as for myself and different members of her family. ♥️

So to conclude there is no right or wrong time frame answer to this question. It’s when it feels right for you for the reasons you feel good about. It’s about you, them and your journey.

Kathy x

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