Gold Vermeil also known as Gold Plated Solid Silver

Gold vermeil is an inexpensive alternative to solid gold. We offer a range of gold vermeil findings and settings for memorial and breastmilk jewellery.  It is solid silver that is plated with gold.

To be advertised as “gold vermeil” in the USA, a piece must have at least a 2.5micron thickness of gold but this is not a legal requirement in the UK (gold-plated silver can have at most 2 microns) so you must call these findings from us gold plated solid silver.

The benefit of gold vermeil is that it’s more affordable than solid gold, and cast pieces such as crown point settings can be plated after production, which isn’t possible for gold-filled items. They’re also 100% precious metal, which some prefer to gold-filled (which contains base metal). 

Unfortunately the gold will wear away on vermeil eventually, the time depends on the use and wear of the item, and the client will need to find somewhere local where they can have it re-plated occasionally.

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