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We offer high-quality but affordable solid silver options and also solid gold.  Gold filled options are also available on some items.

If you are going to be having a baby sometime in the future, you can choose to collect some items from the birth to preserve in a piece of jewellery to commemorate the incredible process of birthing.  These items can include a small amount of Placenta (encapsulated by a professional), a small section of dried Umbilical Cord and Colostrum.   

And to remember and honour the hard work and commitment of breastfeeding, you can have preserved just a small amount of your milk and also include any of the items listed above or be kept separate. 
lock of hair
Another inclusion can be a little of your baby's hair which can be used separately or along with any of the other inclusions.  
For Breastmilk, you send to our workshop in Bayles, just 10ml of your milk or colostrum and/or any other items so that we can professionally preserve them to have them included in a carefully crafted resin stone to be placed in the piece of jewellery of your choice from our website.  The placenta must be already encapsulated and the Cord must be dried before sending - and we only need an amount the size of an orange seed.
Simply put your inclusions in well-sealed ziplock bags and on every bag or container, individually write your name & order number on each and then double bag them to be on the safe side.  Then either drop it off to our "drop off" box (if local to Bayles) or post it to us at our mailing address below.  Your milk will still be viable for some time through the post and when we receive it we will freeze/refreeze it until we are able to complete your order.  It can have been frozen for many years by you and is still viable for preservation.

Mail to:
PO Box 2
We can customise your piece however you like.  In the ordering process on our website, you will be given many options that you can include.  We can't provide sample photos of each item in completed jewellery but have a large range of ideas throughout the website.  We are working on creating a gallery for each type.
If you like the classic white Breastmilk look - don't add anything.  If you'd like a little sparkle we'd suggest you add Crushed Synthetic Opal or request a pearlescent effect in various colours.  You can also put in the COMMENTS section how you'd like it to look.  Most of the items do have an additional charge and if you order them and end up not using them you can be refunded those smaller charges.