A lot of you may know my passion lies with creating personal and meaningful gifts and items. Since I lost my son in 2017 I am so much more aware and open to handling the items from peoples losses. I have made some resin and wood eggs in the past with the ashes of a stillborn baby creating 2 different scenes and just loved the process and also the privilege of honouring little River and his family.

These were created in a cylindrical mould and when cured put on my lathe to shape, sand and polish.

I don’t create mechanically with these items and they can take longer if needed, as I create intuitively with love and full respect for what I’m asked to do.

As at August 2022, I have begun the process of learning to be able to start offering in the future Memorial Jewellery with high quality jewellery for encasing cremation ashes, including pets, hair and animal fur, sentimental fabric, dried petals, preserved breast milk and baby umbilical etc as inclusions. Also creating other items as I go.  If requested I can add a more budget priced range to give everyone a choice. 

Loss is a very personal journey and for many it never ends.   I have found that it is like an ocean - some days, weeks or even months it is at high tide and pounds on the shore whilst others it’s a beautiful day to sit on the beach soaking in the beauty of the memories. 

I feel privileged to be asked to be part of your journey of remembering and continuing to love those important to you whether it be people or animals. Love is Love 💕

Do you have any suggestions, input or just want to chat about my processes? Feel free to message me (Kathy)  on FB, IG or email from my contact page. 

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