Timber Series.

I love learning things, so I thought I'd do a little self education about different timbers.  I want to not just know the differences but also be able to try and recognize them.

I love timber.  Always have loved timber and I feel so lucky to be working with it at least to some degree.

It is grown in Australia specifically for the timber industry and as such there is no rainforest felling.

 I only heard of Paulownia Timber after looking at some new products such as these..

Paulownia Timber


Australian Paulownia is descended from native Asia and is now an Australian Plantation timber, grown in four states. Paulownia is light in weight and pale blonde in colour with it's own character grain but approximately the same strength as Cedar. It has a magic feel like a firm balsa wood. It is very light and can be painted or stained to resemble any timber. It is easily limed and when painted does not experience oily seepage.

Because paulownia resembles Western Red Cedar in weight and strength it is increasingly being used in the marine industry.

Recent tests have proven that our Australian Grown paulownia extremely stable and termite resistant.

The timber is gathering rave reviews world wide. Most importantly, rainforests are not being ravaged to harvest Australian Grown paulownia.


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