A Creators Fairy Tale.

Once upon time in 2016 after the first 12 months of raising her granddaughter, Kathy was asked to create some Christmas ornaments by a friend who wanted to gift them to some colleagues with unusual names.  She decided to get the laser going (which had been collecting dust) to complete this request.

This beautiful design was created and after handing them over, Kathy decided to pop them on a couple of Facebook buy sell groups to see if there was any interest as she had thoroughly enjoyed getting into the creative process again.

To her great surprise, this ornament design literally went viral that same night and she was inundated with orders creating over 3500 in the months of October to early December of that year.  She worked up to 14 hours a day with the support and help of her family to get them all completed.

The design concept has been copied now by many, and there are all sorts of versions but this design has held strong and customers have come back year after year to add to their collection or purchase new ones for family gifts.  Many have been sent also overseas to various countries.

The range includes Names, Pets Names, In Our Heart Forever (with name) and more available in White 3mm Acrylic and Bamboo Wood.

THE END.... but it wasn't the end - it was the beginning of what is now known as Harris Wood Creative Studio.


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